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==>>Why Some Server Administrators Make Mistakes With Their Parent Directories?<<==

It happened because somebody just dropped a server on their network without fully considering the consequences of their action. They didn't bother to properly design a server access control list, and because it is available on the public internet, it gets listed on search engines. Quite often a server administrator is very upset at his mistake, and is looking to "pursue each ISP in attempts to track down the guilty parties". Some may even try to convince others that they're breaking some laws. Unfortunately, he is ignoring the person who had the most power to prevent this situation. Themself. Live, learn, realize that you made a mistake configuring your server, and get back to working. Unless your business is that of hunting PD Searchers, it really will not be worth your while to waste money and time chasing ISPs and shadows of people you have no legal right to pursue in the first place. Simply buck up to your mistake and be glad that there is a blog that lets people know if thier directory is open to the public.

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Monday, August 4, 2008


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index of parent directory
Apress.Pro.JavaScript.Techniques.Dec.2006.pdf 05-Jan-2007 09:06 5.8M
New.Riders.Press.ppk.on.JavaScript.Sep.2006.chm 24-Dec-2006 10:34 1.9M
No.Starch.Press.The.Book.of.JavaScript.2nd.Edition.Dec.2006.pdf 23-Jan-2007 06:59 5.9M
Pragmatic.Bookshelf.Pragmatic.Ajax.A.Web.2.0.Primer.Apr.2006.pdf 08-Jan-2007 08:27 3.8M

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index of parent directory
Wrox-Beginning.Java 2, SDK 1.4 Edition.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:08 10M
Wordware.Java.1.4.Game.Programming.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:08 9.3M
Teach Yourself JSP 2.0 with Apache Tomcat in 24 Hours (Sams, 2003).chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 2.8M
Sybex.Ground-Up.Java.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 6.6M
Sams.Teach.Yourself.JavaServer.Pages.2.0.With.Apache.Tomcat.In.24Hours.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 2.8M 11-Jul-2007 15:07 3.1M
Sams - MySQL and JSP Web Applications Data Driven Programming Using Tomcat And MySQL.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 5.1M
Que.Special.Edition.Using.Java.2.Standard.Edition.internal.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 6.3M
Que.Special.Edition.Using.Enterprise.JavaBeans.2.0.internal.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.1M
Que.Java.2.Programmer.Exam.Cram.2.Exam.CX-310-035.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 667K
Que.Java.2.Developer.Exam.Cram.2.Exam.CX-310-252A.And.CX-310-027.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.1M
Python_Programming_with_the_JavaT_Class_Libraries_-_Addison_Wesley_-_2002.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.8M
Prentice.Technical.Java.Developing.Scientific.And.Engineering.Applications.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.3M
Prentice.Hall.PTR.Core.Security.Patterns.Best.Practices.and.Strategies.for.J2EE.Web.Services.and...> 11-Jul-2007 15:07 7.2M
Prentice.Hall.Java.Java.Java.Object.Oriented.Problem.Solving.3rd.Edition.Dec.2005.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 6.5M 11-Jul-2007 15:07 16M
Oreilly.Java.Server.Pages.3rd.Edition.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 2.1M
Oreilly.Java.In.A.Nutshell.5th.Edition.Mar.2005.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 3.5M
Oreilly - Java Virtual Machine.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 170K
Oreilly - Java Performance Tuning - 2Nd 2003.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.1M
OReilly.Learning.Java.3rd.edition.May.2005.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 6.1M
OReilly.JavaServer.Faces.eBook-DDU.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.7M
OReilly.Java.I.O.2nd.Edition.May.2006.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 2.8M 11-Jul-2007 15:07 3.2M
OReilly.Java.Cookbook.2nd.Edition.Jun.30.2004.eBook-DDU.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 3.3M
OReilly.Enterprise.JavaBeans.3.0.5th.Edition.May.2006.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 3.1M
OReilly.Eclipse.A.Java.Developers.Guide.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 6.7M
OReilly.Beyond.Java.Sep.2005.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 574K
OReilly.Better.Faster.Lighter.Java.Jun.2004.eBook-DDU.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 772K
O'Reilly - Java Web Services In A Nutshell June 2003.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.8M
O'Reilly - Java Servlet & JSP Cookbook - 2004 - (By Laxxuss).chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 3.2M
O'Reilly - Java 1.5 Tiger A Developers Notebook.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 412K
O'Reilly - J2EE Design Patterns.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.2M
O'Reilly - Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0, 3rd Ed ( Monson-Haefel).chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.6M
O'Reilly, Java Threads (2004), 3Ed Ddu.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 685K
New Riders - Jython for Java Programmers.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 713K
John.Wiley.and.Sons.Concurrency.State.Models.and.Java.Programs.2nd.Edition.Jul.2006.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 14M
Addison.Wesley.The.Java.Programming.Language.4th.Edition.Aug.2005.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 2.2M
Addison.Wesley.A.Programmers.Guide.To.Java.Certification.2nd.Edition.eBook-LiB.chm 11-Jul-2007 15:07 1.8M

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index of parent directory
TS-5628: Developing Flashy Mobile Applications, Using SVG and JSR 226
TS-5743: Graphical, Scripted, and Animated User Interfaces on Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)
TS-50695: Advanced Mobile Service Architecture Based on JSR 232
TS-5617: Open Source Object-Oriented Databases for Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Technology-Based Embedded Systems
TS-5626: Data Binding and Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)
TS-5906: Building a Java ME Test Suite in 15 Minutes
TS-5913: Tools for Developing Advanced Mobile Multimedia Applications
TS-5932: Catch This SpeechEvent: Recognition and Synthesis on Devices
TS-5639: MSOA: An End-to-End Java Technology-Based Framework for Next-Generation Converged Services
TS-5642: What to Do with APDU?
TS-5711: Developing Reliable Products: Static and Dynamic Code Analysis
TS-5724: Developing Faster and Flashier Dynamic Graphics with the Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Personal Basis Profile by Optimizing Java ME CDC
TS-5180: Mobility and Device General Session
TS-5184: Java Technology-Based VAS in China Mobile: Today and Tomorrow
TS-5188: Web Services to Go: Mobile Access to Web Services with JSRs 279 and 280
TS-5102: The JSR 281 IMS Services API: Time to Deliver
TS-5109: Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME): Optimizing Midlets for Size and Performance
TS-5114: Welcome to the UI Theme Park: Customizing the Java ME User Experience with JSR 258
TS-5345: Bring Map and Navigation Capabilities to Your Location-Based Applications with JSR 293, Location API 2.0
TS-5525: Mobile Ajax for Java Technology
TS-5585: Whiz-Bang Graphics and Media Performance for Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) Applications
TS-5608: JSR 248: Taking Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) to the Next Level
TS-5051: Tackling Java ME Device Fragmentation: Orange and Sun Collaboration
TS-5363: Using Aspect-Oriented Programming to Streamline Mobile Application Development
TS-5397: Java Verified - A Desciption and Update To The Verification and Signing Process for The Java ME Application Developer
TS-0285: JavaCard for Emerging WLAN Environments
TS-5203: Web 2.0 Applications on a Next-Generation Java Card Platform
TS-5147: Free Mobile-to-Mobile Money Transmission Revolutionizes Trade Between the Poorest in Africa
TS-5686: Next Generation Java Card Technology For Secure Mobile Applications
TS-5931: OCAP Roadmap and Future Interactive Services on Cable TV
TS-1780: Sun SPOT in Action: 3-D, Virtual Reality, and Gaming
TS-5894: The Role of Java Technology in IPTV
TS-5723: JavaOne Conference TV Track Kickoff Session
TS-5712: How to Build, Run, and Develop Code with the phoneME Open Source Project
TS-5699: Developing Mobile Ajax/Web 2.0 Applications, Using the Open-Source Project Orbit

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index of parent directory
(Ebook PDF) - O'Reilly CGI Programming.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:01 1.5M
(e-book) UML Applied.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:46 1.1M
(eBook PDF)Linux Security.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:07 357k
(eBook) - Computing - Windows XP Tricks.doc 15-Dec-2006 11:07 33k
(eBook) - Linux Networking HOWTO (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:07 265k
(eBook) - Web Design Nutshell OReilly .pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:13 6.3M
(eBook) - World Atlas - PDF.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:14 578k
(ebook - PDF) - Networking - Cisco IP Routing Fundamentals.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:47 2.2M
(ebook - PDF) Linux From Scratch.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:48 992k
(ebook - PDF) Sybex - CCNA 2.0 Study Guide (640-507).pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:51 5.3M
(ebook - PDF) Thinking in C++ 2ed Vol one.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:52 2.9M
(ebook - PDF) Thinking in C++ 2ed Vol two.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:53 2.0M
(ebook - pdf) Project Management.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:48 2.3M
(ebook PDF) - Linux Newbie Administrator Guide.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:58 403k
(ebook computer development pdf)MySQL-PHP.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:54 3.5M
(ebook pdf) - Java - EJB Design Patterns.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:58 808k
(ebook pdf) - dictionary of networking.pdf 15-Dec-2006 10:57 8.1M
(ebook pdf) - linux_programming_unleashed.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:00 6.3M
(ebook pdf) Illustrated TCPIP.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:03 6.1M
(ebook pdf) Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:05 3.0M
(ebook pdf) Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:07 5.2M
(ebook) - Numbers Theory HardyWright.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:11 9.9M
(ebook) Microsoft Project 2000 User 15-Dec-2006 11:16 2.4M
(ebook) PHP - How To.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:16 143k
(ebook) Programming Perl.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:20 10.4M
(ebook) computer security handbook.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:15 2.8M
(ebook-pdf) - Cisco Certified Network Professional - Swi~73D.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:24 9.7M
(ebook-pdf) - Hacking Cisco Routers(1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:24 19k
(ebook-pdf) - Mathematics - Linear Algebra.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:26 4.2M
(ebook-pdf) - O'Reilly Java Cryptography.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:26 1.5M
(ebook-pdf) - Programming - XML By Example.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:28 3.4M
(ebook-pdf) - Project Management Practitioner's Handbook (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:29 2.5M
(ebook-pdf) - The Little Black Book of Project Management.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:29 2.2M
(ebook-pdf) - Thinking In Java - Second Edition.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:31 4.0M
(ebook-pdf)Sams' Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:36 13.7M
ASP.NET Web Developer's Guide.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:46 7.0M
Advanced Modeling with UML.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:37 689k
Advanced Number Theory.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:41 11.3M
Analysis and Design with UML.ppt 15-Dec-2006 11:42 2.9M
Business Modeling with UML.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:46 158k
Business Plan Format (1).rtf 15-Dec-2006 11:46 51k
C%23 Book (C Sharp)-unprotect.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:50 9.2M
C%23 Book.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:53 9.3M
C++Programming-HOWTO.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:53 212k
CodeNotes_for_J2EE.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:54 1.0M
Complete Idiot's Guide to Linux.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:56 4.3M
Computer - Oracle - Introduction to SQL.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:56 132k
Conflict Management.ppt 15-Dec-2006 11:56 109k
E-book - Java - Borland JBuilder - Developing Database A~5A2.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:59 8.0M 15-Dec-2006 12:25 31k
Ebook - Codewarrior - Principles of 15-Dec-2006 12:00 1.5M
Ebook - Linux - PDF - Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:03 4.0M
Ebook - Windows XP Bible.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:11 16.0M
Ebook Oracle DBA Survial 15-Dec-2006 12:23 18.9M
Ebook- Web Javascript Book.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:23 350k
Feynman Lectures on Physics Volume 2.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:39 33.2M
Framework Essentials Edt2.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:40 3.0M
Group Evaluation.doc 15-Dec-2006 12:40 26k
Hacking into computer systems - a beginners guide.doc 15-Dec-2006 12:40 835k
Handbook of Applied Cryptography (1997).pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:42 4.6M
J.K. Rowling -4- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:43 1.8M
J2EE Developer's Guide (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:44 2.5M
J2EE-WebServices-DevGuide.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:46 3.4M
J2EE-vs-DotNET.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:44 1.6M
JAVA_book.PDF 15-Dec-2006 13:04 1.3M
Java 2 Network Security (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:48 5.6M
Java OReilly Books.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:03 37.1M
MS Project 2000 Full CD Serial%23.txt 15-Dec-2006 13:09 1k
Manual do Linux.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:06 93k
Mastering Enterprise Java Beans (Roman, 2002).pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:07 2.2M 15-Dec-2006 13:07 657k
Math Calculus Bible.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:08 1.2M
Maximum Security.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:09 2.6M
Modeling Web Application Archetectures with UML.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:09 297k
Network Programming with Perl.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:13 301k
O'Reilly Perl Cookbook.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:17 9.2M
OReilly Advanced Perl Programming.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:19 5.1M
Photo Shop 6 Guide (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:21 6.0M
Photo Shop 7 Quick Reference Guide.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:21 271k
Photoshop 6 Bible (eBook).pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:27 14.8M
Programming Perl.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:31 10.4M
Project_Management_Guide.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:31 239k
Questionnaire Sandra Clark.doc 15-Dec-2006 13:31 68k
Recipes - Cook Book - PDF format.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:32 1.9M
ResumeCoverLetterSecrets (1).doc 15-Dec-2006 13:32 374k
Rose_TeamDev.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:33 1.4M
SSI-UML-HOWTO.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:35 97k
Sam's - A Programmer%92s Introduction to VB.NET.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:35 4.1M
Science, Nature &amp; History - A Complete Handbook of Natur~227.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:35 1.3M
Sybex Ebook - Oracle_DBA_Cert_Kit - SQL_and_PLSQL_guide.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:37 4.1M
The UML and Data Modeling.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:37 481k
UML - Applying The Unified Modeling Language UML.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:37 14k
UML - For the impatient.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:37 523k
UML - Understanding The UML.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:37 17k
UML -- The Foundation Of The UML.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:37 16k
UML Semantics.PDFv 15-Dec-2006 13:37 124k
UML Tutorial.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:38 378k
UML_Business_Process_Model.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:38 44k
UML_Class_Model.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:38 84k
UML_Component_Model.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:38 62k
UML_Dynamic_Model.pdfv 15-Dec-2006 13:38 51k
UML_Use_Case_Model.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:38 74k
UML_tutorial_business_process.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:38 47k
Uml Collaboration Diagrams.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:37 28k
Umlse.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:38 440k
Unix For Intermediate Users.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:38 235k
Using Linux as a 15-Dec-2006 13:38 28k
WIDEMAN Principles of Project Management.doc 15-Dec-2006 13:39 53k
Web page design in 7 days%5d.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:39 236k
[E-Book] Linux C++ Programming HOWTO.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:40 233k
[E-Books] OReilly - Building Wireless Community Networks.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:40 1.0M
[ebook] AddisonWesley - Design Patterns Java.PDF 15-Dec-2006 13:41 2.2M
ant_chap04.pdf 15-Dec-2006 11:43 296k
eBook - Gabrick - J2EE and XML Development (2002, Java, ~AD2.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:01 4.3M
eBook - List of Port Numbers and What They're For - (TXT).zip 15-Dec-2006 12:03 8k
eBook - Mastering Enterprise Java Beans (Roman, 2002) (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:04 2.2M
eBook - OReilly - Learning the UNIX Operating System (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:04 1.1M
ebook - SBS - The Business Plan Roadmap to Success.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:04 131k
ebook - Teach Yourself UML in 24 15-Dec-2006 12:04 46k
ebook Basic UNIX Tutorial.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:11 270k
ebook O'Reilly ASP Nutshell (1).pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:13 3.8M
ebook O'Reilly ASP Nutshell.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:14 3.8M
ebook O'Reilly Java Servlet Programming.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:16 4.3M
ebook-pdf-Computer-MCSE-Training Guide-Networking Essent~80C.pdf 15-Dec-2006 12:25 5.1M
linux_programming_unleashed.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:06 6.3M
mumlrr22 MastreringUMLwithRatioanlRose.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:13 9.2M
rational rose key.txt 15-Dec-2006 13:31 1k
uml tutorial complex transitions.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:37 23k
using_Rational_Rose.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:39 2.3M
xml_programming_in_java.pdf 15-Dec-2006 13:39 531k

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index of parent directory
Java 2 - The Complete Reference -- Osborne McGraw-Hill.pdf 11-Jul-2001 06:11 3.8M
Java Programming - Introductory -- Course Technology.pdf 11-Jul-2001 06:09 1.4M
Java Programming on Linux -- Waite Group Press.pdf 11-Jul-2001 06:12 4.3M
Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days Second Edition.rar 05-Dec-2005 09:15 673K
Teach Yourself C in 21 Days.rar 05-Dec-2005 08:51 636K
The-C-Programming-Language.rar 05-Dec-2005 08:52 205K

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index of parent directory
Addison.Wesley.Extending.Rails.Beyond.the.Core.Sep.2006.chm.gz 380k 83k
Advanced Rails AJAX techniques (Apr.2006).pdf.gz 8.1M
Agile.Web.Development.with.Rails.2nd.ed.pdf.gz 5.4M
Ajax On Rails.pdf.gz 157k
Best.of.Ruby.Quiz.Mar.2006.pdf.gz 1008k
Defensive Design for the Web ch4.pdf.gz 518k
GettingReal_new.pdf.gz 368k
How to Do Everything with JavaScript - McGraw-Hill 2004.pdf.gz 4.9M
Java Wiley - JavaScript Bible , 5th Ed (1743 pages) - 2004.pdf.gz 6.8M
Manual JavaScript.pdf.gz 2.1M
O'Reilly - JavaScript Application Cookbook.pdf.gz 2.3M
O'reilly - Javascript - The Definitive Guide, 4Th Edition.chm.gz 1.3M
O'reilly - Web Services on Rails (May 2006).chm.gz 348k
OReilly.Ruby.on.Rails.Up.and.Running.Aug.2006.chm.gz 1.1M
Pragmatic Ajax - A Web 2.0 Primer.pdf.gz 5.4M
Pragmatic Programmers - From Java to Ruby_Things Every Manager Should Know (2..> 1.2M
Pragmatic.Bookshelf.Agile.Retrospectives.Jul.2006.pdf.gz 1.2M
Pragmatic.Bookshelf.Interface.Oriented.Design.Jun.2006.pdf.gz 1.6M
Pragmatic.Bookshelf.Rails.Recipes.Jun.2006.pdf.gz 1.4M
Rails Recipes.pdf.gz 1.8M
Ruby In A Nutshell (2001).pdf.gz 1.2M
Ruby for Rails.pdf.gz 3.5M
Ruby on rails up and running.pdf.gz 3.0M
Secrets Behind Ruby on Rails.pdf.gz 1.7M
The Javascript Anthology 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks-Sample (2006 - Si..> 1.1M
The Pragmatic Programmers_Pragmatic Project Automation.pdf.gz 2.1M
[2005] - Bulletproof webdesign.chm.gz 11.3M
programming-ruby-2ed.pdf.gz 4.2M

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index of parent directory
111.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:45 488K
222.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:46 2.0M
apachedef2.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:47 2.8M
apache the definitive guide 3rd edition.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:46 888K
essential cvs.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:47 954K
gcc_-_the_complete_reference_mcgraw_hill-2002.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:50 5.7M
javascript and dhtml cookbook.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:50 1.5M
java script pocket reference 2nd edition.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:50 102K
kerberos the definitive guide.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:51 1.5M
learning uml.chm 27-Sep-2006 14:51 1.3M
learnxml.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:52 3.1M
linag2.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:53 1.6M
linuxdevdri.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:56 7.4M
linuxkernel.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:57 3.1M
o'reilly-java & xslt.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:13 2.0M
o'reilly-java and xml.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:14 2.2M
o'reilly-learning xml.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:15 3.1M
oreilly - enterprise javabeans, 3rd edition.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:58 2.4M
oreilly - java and xml binding.pdf 27-Sep-2006 14:59 2.3M
oreilly - java cryptography.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:00 1.5M
oreilly - java network programming 2ed.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:01 2.5M
oreilly - learning xml.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:03 3.1M
oreilly - manage & using mysql.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:04 2.6M
oreilly - sax2.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:05 2.3M
oreilly - xml schema.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:07 4.3M 27-Sep-2006 15:12 2.3M 27-Sep-2006 15:12 636K
oreilly enterprise javabean 27-Sep-2006 15:07 1.0M
oreilly java cookbook.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:09 3.0M
oreilly managing & using 27-Sep-2006 15:09 1.9M
oreilly programming 27-Sep-2006 15:09 372K
oreilly server load balancing.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:11 3.1M
posixmultithreadprogrammingprimer.pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:16 952K
slackware-book.tar.gz 27-Sep-2006 15:17 2.2M
vimbook-opl-vi improved (vim).pdf 27-Sep-2006 15:18 3.7M

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index of parent directory

Accessing Oracle From Java.pdf 19-Mar-2003 11:46 35K
CodeNotes_for_J2EE.pdf 08-Jul-2002 20:44 1.0M
Computer Networks_Tanenbaum_4ed..rar 06-Nov-2004 21:39 11M
Core-Servlets-and-JSP.pdf 08-Jul-2002 20:33 11M
Creating Web Applets with Java.pdf 19-Mar-2003 11:55 1.2M
J2EE-WebServices-DevGuide.pdf 13-Dec-2002 10:56 3.4M
JSP_tutorial.pdf 10-Mar-2003 15:38 225K
Java Basic 1.pdf 07-Feb-2003 10:14 801K
Java Beans.pdf 19-Mar-2003 11:35 2.0M
Java Programming Unleashed.pdf 07-Feb-2003 10:44 6.5M
Teach Yourself Java In 21 Days.pdf 07-Feb-2003 07:00 5.8M
XML with Java (1).pdf 07-Feb-2003 10:46 1.7M
e-book - Java 2 Network Security.pdf 10-Mar-2003 17:48 5.6M
ebook - SAMS - JSP - a code-intensive premium reference.pdf 19-Mar-2003 11:42 1.8M
ebook O'Reilly Java Cookbook.PDF 10-Mar-2003 15:55 3.9M

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