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==>>Why Some Server Administrators Make Mistakes With Their Parent Directories?<<==

It happened because somebody just dropped a server on their network without fully considering the consequences of their action. They didn't bother to properly design a server access control list, and because it is available on the public internet, it gets listed on search engines. Quite often a server administrator is very upset at his mistake, and is looking to "pursue each ISP in attempts to track down the guilty parties". Some may even try to convince others that they're breaking some laws. Unfortunately, he is ignoring the person who had the most power to prevent this situation. Themself. Live, learn, realize that you made a mistake configuring your server, and get back to working. Unless your business is that of hunting PD Searchers, it really will not be worth your while to waste money and time chasing ISPs and shadows of people you have no legal right to pursue in the first place. Simply buck up to your mistake and be glad that there is a blog that lets people know if thier directory is open to the public.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008


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index of parent directory
Dielectrics in Electric Fields.rar 17-Jul-2008 17:16 25.1M
Electric Machinery Fundamentals.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:19 22.4M
Electric Machinery.rar 17-Jul-2008 12:58 13.9M
Electric Power Distribution Equipment and Systems.rar 17-Jul-2008 12:47 12.2M
Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.rar 17-Jul-2008 12:56 5.5M
Electric Power Substations Engineering.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:07 31.9M
Electric Power Systems.rar 17-Jul-2008 12:59 3.1M
Electric Power Transformer Engineering.rar 17-Jul-2008 13:19 9.8M
Electrical Energy Systems.rar 17-Jul-2008 13:22 9.5M
Electrical Engineer Portable Handbook.rar 17-Jul-2008 13:22 9.9M
Electrical Measurement, Signal Processing, and Displays.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:05 21.0M
Electrical Power Cable Engineering.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:01 16.1M
Electrical Transmission and Distribution Reference Book.rar 18-Jul-2008 09:29 85.0M
Electrical_Power_Systems_Quality.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:10 3.8M
Energy-Efficient Electric Motors, Third Edition (Electrical Engi.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:34 12.4M
First Course on Power Electronics and Drives.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:08 49.1M
Flexible AC Transmission Systems Modelling and Control.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:26 6.8M
Handbook of Modern Sensors Physics, Designs, and Applications.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:49 9.8M
Handbook of Transformer Design and Applications.rar 17-Jul-2008 15:17 16.8M
Newnes Electrical Power Engineers Handbook.rar 17-Jul-2008 15:07 6.5M
Power Electronics Design A Practitioners Guide.rar 17-Jul-2008 14:55 1.3M
Power System (The Electric Power Engineering).rar 17-Jul-2008 15:21 7.0M
Power System Stability and Control.rar 17-Jul-2008 15:44 13.0M
Power Transformers.rar 18-Jul-2008 06:57 1.3M
Power electronics.rar 17-Jul-2008 15:32 20.2M
Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:09 5.2M
Radio and Electronics Co.okbook.rar 17-Jul-2008 15:38 4.5M
Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:10 41.1M
Synchronous Generators.rar 17-Jul-2008 15:59 6.6M
The Electric Power Engineering Handbook.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:34 24.2M
The Induction Machine Handbook.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:27 27.6M
Transient Analysis of Electric Power Circuits Handbook.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:13 24.3M
Uncertainty in the Electric Power Industry.rar 17-Jul-2008 16:56 11.9M
Understanding Electric Utilities and De-Regulation.rar 17-Jul-2008 16:37 3.9M
Understanding_Electric_Power_Systems.rar 17-Jul-2008 16:39 745k
Variable Speed Generators.rar 18-Jul-2008 07:48 47.5M

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index of parent directory
A Spice Model For The Ideal Transformer.pdf 33K
An Introduction To Cryptography.pdf 823K
BJT Biasing Circuit.pdf 156K
BJT Biasing Circuit 2.pdf 104K
Basics of Heat Transfer.txt 2.6K
Cryptography- A Very Short Introduction.chm 1.3M
Differential OpAmp.pdf 946K
Electric Motors.pdf 251K
Fiber Optics Handbook.pdf 5.1M
Fourier analysis.pdf 269K
Fuel Cell Handbook.pdf 2.4M
High Efficiency Audio Power Amplifier.pdf 972K
Lessons in Electric Circuits 1_DC.pdf 3.9M
Lessons in Electric Circuits 2_Ac.pdf 3.1M
Lessons in Electric Circuits 3_Semiconductors.pdf 2.0M
Lessons in Electric Circuits 4_Digital.pdf 2.6M
Lessons in Electric Circuits 5_Reference.pdf 572K
Lessons in Electric Circuits 6_Experiments.pdf 3.6M
OpAmp Tutorial.pdf 757K
P-Spice Tutorial.pdf 62K
Plc Programming Methods And Applications.pdf 6.0M
Smart Skin Applications.pdf 157K
Spice Analog Behavioral Modeling.pdf 81K
The Electric Machines Laboratory.pdf 33K
The effect of body armature on escape behaviour.pdf 140K
Theory- Transistor Circuits.pdf 408K
Transistor Biasing Technics.pdf 32K
a. Circuits.pdf 4.0M
b. Signal Processing.pdf 6.6M
c. Electronics.pdf 6.4M
d. Electromagnetics.pdf 4.7M
e. Electrical Effects and Devices.pdf 1.7M
f. Energy.pdf 5.9M
g. Communication.pdf 3.9M
h. Digital Devices.pdf 4.0M
i.Appendices-Problems.pdf 5.0M
i. Computer Engineering.pdf 5.8M
j. Systems.pdf 5.0M
k. Biomedical Systems.pdf 4.4M
l. Rehabilitation Engineeering.pdf 228K

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index of parent directory
A_Practical_Guide_To_Basic_Electronic.pdf 24-Aug-2007 07:32 481K
[DIR] Calculus/ 22-Aug-2007 22:08 -
Centrifugal_Electric_Force.pdf 24-Aug-2007 07:32 91K
DJVU_Wiever_DJVUCNTL_61_FR.EXE 22-Aug-2007 22:18 6.4M
[DIR] Documents_en_francais/ 04-Sep-2007 16:04 -
[IMG] ElectricDischargesWavesAndImpulses.djvu 22-Aug-2007 22:17 12M
Electronics Dictionary.PDF 24-Aug-2007 09:07 5.6M
[DIR] Feynman_Lectures_On_Physics/ 22-Aug-2007 22:04 -
Kirchhoff_on_the_Motion_of_Electricity_in_Conductors.pdf 24-Aug-2007 07:32 251K
Lecture-13-4.pdf 24-Aug-2007 13:23 2.0M
Lessons_in_Electronic_Circuits_AC.pdf 22-Aug-2007 22:09 3.8M
Lessons_in_Electronic_Circuits_DC.pdf 22-Aug-2007 22:10 4.1M
Quaternions.pdf 24-Aug-2007 07:32 199K
Resonance_Summary.pdf 24-Aug-2007 08:35 124K
Resonance_Tutorial.pdf 24-Aug-2007 08:35 541K
Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics 3rd Edition.pdf 24-Aug-2007 09:08 5.1M
Units_And_Conversion.pdf 24-Aug-2007 07:32 211K
vibrating_string.pdf 24-Aug-2007 07:32 55K

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index of parent directory
Electronics for Dummies.pdf 06-Sep-2007 17:42 19.9M

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index of parent directory
Addison Wesley - Neural Networks - Algorithms, Applications and Programming Techniques.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 10M
Advanced Control Engineering by Roland Burns.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 2.8M
Ieee Artificial Neural Networks A Tutorial.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 3.1M
Introduction to Fiber Optics - John Crisp.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 2.5M
Lessons in Electronic Circuits I - DC.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 7.0M
Lessons in Electronic Circuits II - AC.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 3.7M
PG3_Electrical_r3.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 688K
Schaums%27 - Signals and Systems.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 6.3M
Tanenbaum.Computer.Networks.Prentice.Hall.chm 12-Dec-2007 14:08 8.6M
Technical_Aptitude_Questions_eBook1.doc 12-Dec-2007 14:08 572K
[DIR] _vti_cnf/ 05-May-2007 12:00 -
basic electrical.pdf 12-Dec-2007 14:08 512K

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