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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Artificial Intelligence

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index of parent directory
Computer Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Computer Vision Problems - Ming-Chin Lu.pdf
Computer Vision - Linda Shapiro.pdf
Computer Vision 2d ed - Dand h Ballard.pdf
Computer Vision A Modern Approach - Forsyth , Ponce.pdf
Computer Vision and Applications A Guide for Students and Practitioners - Bernd Jahne.pdf
Feature Extraction in Computer Vision and Image Processing - Mark S. Nixon.pdf
Fundamentals of Computer Vision - Mubarak Shah.pdf
Handbook Of Mathematical Models In Computer Vision - Nikos Paragios.pdf
Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra, 2nd Ed - Gerhard X. Ritter.pdf
Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 1 Sensors and Imaging - Bernd Jahne.pdf
Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 2 Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition - - Bernd Jahne.pdf
Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications Volume 3 Systems and Applications - Bernd Jahne.pdf
Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision 2ed - Hartley R., Zisserman A.pdf
Vision with Direction A Systematic Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision - Josef Bigun.pdf

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index of parent directory
An Introduction to Neural Networks - Patrick van der Smagt.pdf
Analysis And Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks - LPG Veelenturf.pdf
Artificial Neural Networks - Colin Fyfe.pdf
Artificial Neural Networks in Real-life Applications - Juan R. Rabunal.pdf
C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic - Valluru B. Rao.pdf
Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge Engineering - Nikola Kazabov.pdf
Fusion of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems and Genetic Algorithms Industrial Applications - Lakhmi C. Jain , N.M. Martin.pdf
Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks - Simon Haykin.pdf
Machine Learning, Neural And Statistical Classification - Cc Taylor.pdf
Methods and Procedures for the Verification and Validation of Artificial Neural Networks - Brian J. Taylor.pdf
Neural Networks - A Comprehensive Foundation - Simon Haykin.pdf
Neural Networks Algorithms, Applications,and Programming Techniques - James A. Freeman.pdf
Programming Neural Networks in Java - JeffHeaton.pdf
Recurrent Neural Networks Design And Applications - L.R. Medsker.pdf
Static and Dynamic Neural Networks From Fundamentals to Advanced Theory - Madan M. Gupta, Liang Jin, Noriyasu Homma.pdf
The Handbook Of Brain Theory And Neural Networks 2Nd Ed - Michael A Arbib.pdf

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index of parent directory
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Understanding the Promise of the Future - Derek Partridge.pdf
Advances in Applied Artificial Intelligence - John Fulcher.pdf
Advances in Artificial Intelligence – SBIA 2004 - Ana L.C. Bazzan , Sofiane Labidi.pdf
Agent-Oriented Programming - From Prolog to Guarded Definite Clauses - Matthew M. Huntbach.pdf
Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach - Stuart J. Russell , Peter Norvig.pdf
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations - Bramer Max.pdf
Artificial Intelligence Strategies, Applications, and Models Through Search 2d ed - Christopher Thornton.pdf
Artificial Intelligence Through Prolog - Neil C Rowe.pdf
Artificial Intelligence Today Recent Trends and Development - Manuela Veloso.pdf
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Behavioral and Cognitive Modeling of the Human Brain - Konar Amit.pdf
Artificial Intelligence, Structures And Strategies For Complex Problem Solving 3rd ed - George F Luger.pdf
COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICSModels, Resources, Applications - Igor A. Bolshakov , Alexander Gelbukh.pdf
Computational Intelligence An Introduction - Andries P. Engelbrecht.pdf
Computational Intelligence For Decision Support - Chen.pdf
Computational Intelligence In Control - Masoud Mohammadian.pdf
Computational Intelligence in Manufacturing Handbook - Jun Wang.pdf
Computational Web Intelligence Intelligent Technology for Web Applications - Y.-Q. Zhang.pdf
Data Mining with Computational Intelligence - Lipo Wang , Xiuju Fu.pdf
Essentials of Programming Languages 2d ed - Daniel P. FriedmanMitchell WandChristopher T. Haynes.pdf
Intelligent Information Integration for the Semantic Web - Ubbo Visser.pdf
Methods And Applications Of Artificial Intelligence - Themistoklis Panayiotopoulos.pdf
Multiagent systems a modern approach to distributed artificial intelligence - Gerhard Weiss.pdf
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java - Mark Watson.pdf
The Elements of Artificial Intelligence Using Lisp - Steven L. Tanimoto.pdf
The International Dictionary Of Artificial Intelligence - William Raynor.pdf

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index of parent directory
MASsurvey.pdf 22-wrz-2004 17:28 292K
Macapp Colin - Zapomnij O Ziemi.pdf 09-lut-2007 23:52 1.8M
Paraglyph Press - Game Coding Complete - 2003.chm 06-lut-2007 12:20 13M
Wordware - Programming Game AI by Example - 2005 - (By Laxxuss).pdf 06-lut-2007 12:24 12M
cimasdai.pdf 22-wrz-2004 15:45 532K

Click Here For Web Link Intelligence - A Modern Approach - Russel, Peter And Norvig, Stuart (Ebook - English).pdf

index of parent directory
001- [99mTc]Demotate, a new 99mTc-based [Tyr3]octreotate analogue.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 216K
002 - Imaging of breast phantoms using a high-resolution position sensitive photomultiplier tube.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 704K
003 - A 3D high-resolution gamma camera for radiopharmaceutical studies with small animals.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 1.2M
004 - Improving spatial resolution in SPECT with the combination of PSPMT.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 267K
007 - [99mTc]Demobesin 1, a novel potent bombesin analogue.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 370K
008 - Tomographic image reconstruction using Artificial Neural Networks.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 350K
009 - Design and development of a position-sensitive -camera for SPECT imaging based on PCI electronics.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 419K
010 - The use of the Micromegas technology for a new imaging system.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 580K
011 - Crystal and collimator optimization studies of a high-resolution -camera based on a position sensitive photomultiplier.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 361K
012 - High-resolution and high-sensitivity SPECT imaging of.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 532K
013 - A modification of the dual energy window subtraction method for scatter compensation in pixelized scintillators for SPECT.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 263K
014 - Validation of the GATE Monte Carlo simulation.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 308K
015 - Partially slotted crystals for a high-resolution camera based on a position.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 383K
016 - Comparative Evaluation of Linear and Cyclic 99mTc-RGD.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 94K
14 Chap.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 923K
1601.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 126K
A Communication Platform for Tele-monitoring.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 258K
AIAI2006_FINAL_camer_ready.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 157K
A_modular_software_system.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 618K
Acta_chapter.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 142K
A meta-classifier approach for medical diagnosis-Tsirogiannis-2004.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 147K
Analysis and quantification of arterial wall.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 314K
Beta-Barrel.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 627K
CTLiver.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 143K
CTLiverBudapest.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 126K
Carotid Artery Motion Estimation from Sequences of B-mode Ultrasound Images.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 697K
Characterization of carotid atherosclerosis based on motion and texture features.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 774K
Characterization of carotid atherosclerotic.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 352K
ChristopoulouCOST281GRAZ.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 108K
Christopoulou_FGF_Stuttgart_abstract.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 36K
Christopoulou_Koulouridis_Nikita_MMS2005.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 268K
Classification of Medical Data with a Robust Multi-Level Combination Scheme-Tsirogiannis-2004.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 137K
ClinicalDecision.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 923K
Comparison of B-mode, M-mode and Hough.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 483K
Computer aided diagnosis based on medical image processing and artificial intelligence methods.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 263K
Diagnosis.jpg 23-Jul-2007 13:34 1.1M
EMBC05_Stoitsis_1214.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 278K
Electromagnetic_Combatibillity_2004KOU.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 737K
Giannakakis_Patras_Symposium_2006.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 335K
Golemati_2196_final_submission.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 368
IEEE IST 2006Diagnosis.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 569K
IST-29-stoitsis_2004.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 387K
KOS04_Workshop_Koulouridis_Nikita_Christopoulou.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 450K
KOS04_Workshop_Koulouridis_Nikita_ChristopoulouKOU.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 450K
Koulouridis_2000(EricVentouras).pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 320K
Koulouridis_Christopoulou_Nikita_SI_EnvironmentalistII.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 465K
Koulouridis_Electric2002.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 510K
Koulouridis_IEEE_AP2007_MultiObjectiveOptimization.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 1.3M
Koulouridis_IEEE_AWPL2006_ReflecticeSurfaceSpiralAntenna.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 620K
Koulouridis_IEEE_AWPL2006_Tri_Band_GPS_Antenna.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 899K
Koulouridis_IEEE_EMC_2004_CouplingHuman&Cellular.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 396K
Koulouridis_IEEE_MTT2006_NovelPolymerCeramic.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 1.5M
Motion_Analysis_of_the_Carotid_Artery.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 224K
P50 Alterations in Dyslexia.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 113K
P1287.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 143K
PSMH_tee05_Christopoulou_Nikita.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 297K
Polychronaki_Simpson_Boylan.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 348K
Poster EPILDA 20 Panellhnio sunedrio Ellhnwn Neurologwn.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 171K
Poster EPILDA Helsinki 2006 final.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 167K
Rhodes_2002KOU.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 764K
Stoitsis-JS.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 201K
Velocity extraction from spin-tagging MRI images using a weighted least-squares optical flow method.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 1.3M
WIT_Electrocomp_2003KOU.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 283K
comcon2001KOU.pdf 23-Jul-2007 13:34 554K

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