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Sunday, August 3, 2008


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index of parent directory
00-cnam-cryptographi..> 19-May-2007 15:20 199k Les Techniques De Cryptographie
007.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 143k The Misuse of RC4 in Microsoft Word and Excel
013-jgl.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 272k Vérification de protocoles cryptographiques
0501038.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 105k Data Tastes Better Seasoned: Introducing the ASH Family of Hashing Algorithms
061.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 70k Strengthened Encryption in the CBC Mode
075.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 127k An Hybrid Mode of Operation
0764541889.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 241k A Primer on Crypto Basics
126.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 337k Certificateless Public Key Cryptography
144.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 81k ID-based tripartite key agreement with signatures
147.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 314k A Parallelizable Enciphering Mode
148.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 245k The EMD Mode of Operation (A Tweaked, Wide-Blocksize, Strong PRP)
199.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 56k Collisions for Hash Functions MD4, MD5, HAVAL-128 and RIPEMD
1995meadows-asiacryp..> 19-May-2007 15:20 134k Formal Verification of Cryptographic Protocols: A Survey
2001_goodman_jssc.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 440k An Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Public-Key Cryptography Processor
2002_HDRThesis-US.pdf 19-May-2007 15:20 1.7M Le Chiffrement Asymetrique et la Securite Prouvee
2004_sac_A4.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 207k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
20thCenturyCryptoSpe..> 19-May-2007 15:21 25k The Five Great Inventions of Twentieth Century Cryptography
4.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 466k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
AB-9800.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 233k Recent Developments in the Design of Conventional Cryptographic Algorithms
AES Algorithm Effici..> 19-May-2007 15:21 72k AES Algorithm Efficiency
AFP-crypto-liberee.html 19-May-2007 15:21 2k L'usage de la cryptologie va en outre devenir totalement libre
AGPS_01OCFB-paper.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 279k Optimized Self-Synchronizing Mode of Operation
BRICS-RS-94-38.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 293k Enhancing the Strength of Conventional Cryptosystems
CHJ_02ge.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 275k GEM: a Generic Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Encryption Method
CSE-97-15.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 466k The Security of the Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code
Chap_07.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 167k Cryptologie
Cryptography-1.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 73k Cryptography: Public Key Cryptography; Mathematical Preliminaries
Cryptography-3.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 72k Cryptography: RSA Encryption and Decryption
CypherpunkManifesto.txt 19-May-2007 15:22 5k A Cypherpunk's Manifesto by Eric Hughes
DPA.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 217k Differential Power Analysis
FeteSc.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 160k Arithmétique et cryptologie
Grund_Symmetric-Cryp..> 19-May-2007 15:23 367k Symmetric Cryptography
HAVAL_paper.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 268k HAVAL - A One-Way Hashing Algorithm with Variable Length of Output
I22Diff.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 8k The Export of Cryptography in the 20th Century and the 21st
I2_cryptologie.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 64k Introduction à la cryptologie et aux cryptosystèmes
IC_TECH_REPORT_19993..> 19-May-2007 15:23 183k Formal methods in the design of cryptographic protocols
IDEA_0304.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 308k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
IntroCrypto_fr.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 2.8M Introduction à la cryptographie
LeeShiYinRivestRobsh..> 19-May-2007 15:24 115k On Permutation Operations in Cipher Design
LinuxChiffrement.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 399k Chiffrement de données sous GNU/Linux
NMWd95ca.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 105k Are Crypto-Accelerators Really Inevitable?
NT.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 240k Number Theory and Cryptography
Nac95abs.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 87k Signatures numeriques et preuves a divulgation nulle, cryptanalyse, defense et outils algorithmiques
PB-472.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 157k Practically secure Feistel ciphers
Part_III.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 520k Symmetric Key Cryptography
QC.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 1.8M Quantum cryptography
RHUL-MA-2001-5.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 501k Design, analysis and applications of cryptographic techniques
RSA02.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 855k Mathematiques du secret
RSA_hardware_impleme..> 19-May-2007 15:27 279k RSA Hardware Implementation
RabinCryptosystem.txt 19-May-2007 15:27 8k Description of the Rabin Public Key Cryptosystem
RivestKaliski-RSAPro..> 19-May-2007 15:27 97k RSA Problem
SaveVig.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 476k Developing a Strong Cipher
Simplecrypto.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 42k One-Time Pad
SubstGen.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 79k Solving Substitution Ciphers with Genetics Algorithm
SurveyAsynchExt.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 149k A Survey of Asynchronous Extensions of Block Cipher Modes of Operation
The_simple_ideal_cip..> 19-May-2007 15:28 104k The simple ideal cipher system
TuringPres.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 270k Turing: a fast software stream cipher
UserAuth.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 390k User Authentication Principles and Methods
Wits00.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 29k On the Perfect Encryption Assumption
aes-crypto.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 304k Essential Algebraic Structure Within the AES
alibaba.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 227k How To Explain Zero-Knowledge Protocols to Your Children
andreas3.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 2.3M How secure is a cipher?
arit.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 202k
bear-lion.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 152k Two Practical and Provably Secure Block Ciphers: BEAR and LION
bit_order.pdf 19-May-2007 15:21 66k Input and Output Block Conventions for AES Encryption Algorithms
bsa-final-report.txt 19-May-2007 15:21 29k Minimal Key Lengths for Symmetric Ciphers to Provide Adequate Commercial Security
c.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 99k Weak Keys
cbtwirl.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 118k On the Cost of Factoring RSA-1024
cfs.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 82k A Cryptographic File System for Unix
cfskey.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 42k Key Management in an Encrypting File System
chaffing-and-winnowi..> 19-May-2007 15:22 25k Chaffing and Winnowing: Confidentiality without Encryption
ches99.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 181k A High-Performance Flexible Architecture for Cryptography
cmc.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 750k A Tweakable Enciphering Mode
cocaine-auction-prot..> 19-May-2007 15:22 227k The Cocaine Auction Protocol: On The Power Of Anonymous Broadcast
code.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 198k [VM] Explication du code de VM du Linux 2.4
concours_aes.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 471k Analyse des algorithmes finalistes concourant pour le futur standard AES 19-May-2007 15:22 100k DNA-based Cryptography
crypto.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 217k analysis algo stegano wordlists
crypto_mod.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 173k Mathematical Models in Public-Key Cryptology
crypto_moderne.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 205k La cryptologie moderne
cryptoanalyse.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 64k Elements de Cryptoanalyse
cryptography_new.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 219k An Introduction to Traditional Cryptography and Cryptanalysis for Amateurs
cryptosizes.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 438k Selecting Cryptographic Key Sizes
cucs-021-04.pdf 19-May-2007 15:22 131k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
dean02.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 94k Cryptography as a Network Service
djalil-crypto.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 157k Quelques mots sur la cryptographie
elec6703-2-3.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 60k Encryption Algorithms
esm.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 60k A General Encryption Scheme Based on MDS Code
essay-037.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 31k Why cryptography is harder than it looks
examples.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 37k Some Examples of the PKCS Standards
fawkes.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 122k A New Family of Authentication Protocols
fox_ujf.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 402k Fox: une nouvelle famille d'algorithmes de chiffrement par bloc
fse93.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 77k Performance of Symmetric Ciphers and One-way Hash Functions
fusion.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 148k All-Or-Nothing Encryption and The PAckage Transform
gladman.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 45k Implementation Experience with AES Candidate Algorithms
herys.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 10k Design and Analysis of Block Cipher with Variable Word-Size Based on Dedicated Hash Functions: SHACAL-V
high-perf-crypto.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 46k Towards High Performance Cryptographic Software
histoire_cryptograph..> 19-May-2007 15:23 215k Histoire de la cryptographie
inc1.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 259k Incremental Cryptography: The Case of Hashing and Signing
inc2.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 237k Incremental Cryptography and Application to Virus Protection
inchash.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 427k A New Paradigm for Collision-free Hashing Incrementality at Reduced Cost
internet-modes.pdf 19-May-2007 15:23 62k Encryption and security: the Data Encryption Standard
ipsec.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 216k Weak Keys
katmct.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 98k Description of Known Answer Tests and Monte Carlo Tests for AES Candidate Algorithm Submissions
key-mngmt-crypto-fs.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 57k Key Management in an Encrypting File System
keyrecovery.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 169k The Design and Implementation of Protocol-Based Hidden Key Recovery
lars_knudsen.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 301k Contemporary Block Ciphers
lpe.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 242k On the Construction of Variable-Input-Length Ciphers
marco.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 233k The Future of Cryptography Under Quantum Computers
matrices.pdf 19-May-2007 15:24 121k Using Matrices for Cryptography
md5-vs-sha.txt 19-May-2007 15:24 5k A quick comparison on MD5 vs SHA
md5_someday.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 55k MD5 To Be Considered Harmful Someday
memoire-julien.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 720k Protocoles cryptographiques avec des participants limités en espace mémoire
modesv2.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 118k Modes of Operation of a Block Cipher
musee.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 718k Un apercu de l'histoire de la cryptologie
new_introduction_cry..> 19-May-2007 15:25 278k Introduction à la cryptographie
oakland.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 263k Cryptographic Key Generation from Voice
ocb-full.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 659k OCB: A Block-Cipher Mode of Operation for Efficient Authenticated Encryption
ocf.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 133k The Design of the OpenBSD Cryptographic Framework
odyssey.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 120k Using Voice to Generate Cryptographic Keys
onetime.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 50k One-Time Pad or Vernam Cipher
paper716.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 76k Quantum Cryptography: Is your data safe even when somebody looks ?
paper722.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 34k The Day DES Died
paper723.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 30k Encryption Regulation: A First Amendment Perspective
paper724.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 85k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
paper726.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 46k One Fish, Twofish, Red Fish, Blowfish - A History of Cryptography and it´s Application in Society
paper732.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 33k Who´s Who in AES ?
paper735.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 33k Key and Certificate Management in Public Key Infrastructure Technology
paper736.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 38k
paper737.pdf 19-May-2007 15:25 101k Implementing PKI in a Non-Heterogeneous Environment - A Primer on Digital Certificate And Key Formats
paper738.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 135k The Weakest Link: The Human Factor - Lessons Learned from the German WWII Enigma Cryptosystem
paper740.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 40k AES: The Making of a New Encryption Standard
paper751.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 33k A Review of the Diffie-Hellman Algorithm and its Use in Secure Internet Protocols
paper764.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 70k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
paper768.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 60k S-Box Modifications and Their Effect in DES-like Encryption Systems
paper874.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 73k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
paper878.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 271k Applied Encryption: Ensuring Integrity of Tactical Data
paper879.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 245k An Overview of Cryptographic Hash Functions and Their Uses
paper885.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 395k Is the future of cryptography in qubits
paper886.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 72k Cryptography: What is secure ?
perf.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 179k Cryptographic File Systems Performance: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
pitfalls.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 56k Security Pitfalls In Cryptography
preprint_frey.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 336k Mathematical Background of Public Key Cryptography
qbsc_2004.pdf 19-May-2007 15:26 62k Design and Implementation of a Crypto Processor and Its Application to Security System
queensland.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 202k Crypto in Europe - Markets, Law and Policy
robustness.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 123k Robustness principles for public key protocols
secret_key_cryptogra..> 19-May-2007 15:27 1.1M Secret Key Cryptography
shi_asap00.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 63k Bit Permutation Instructions for Accelerating Software Cryptography
skipjack-kea.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 214k SKIPJACK and KEA Algorithm Specifications
text.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 26k Design and Implementation of Three Cryptographic Systems: DH Key Exchange, DH Digital Signature, RSA
thesis-ac.pdf 19-May-2007 15:27 668k Weak Keys
thesis.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 1.6M Facilitating the Modelling and Automated Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols
trapdoor.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 41k A hard problem: Disclosing how to break public key cryptosystems
understanding_ssl.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 265k Understanding Digital Certificates and Secure Sockets Layer
usenix00.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 293k An Open-source Cryptographic Coprocessor
wake.pdf 19-May-2007 15:28 150k A Bulk Data Encryption Algorithm

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index of parent directory
Coding and Cryptography.pdf 27-Dec-2007 17:23 506K
IDG Books Worldwide - The data compression 27-Dec-2007 17:31 2.3M
Network Associates - An Introduction to Cryptography.pdf 20-Dec-2007 01:59 293K
Network Associates - An Introduction to Cryptography.rar 27-Dec-2007 17:32 577K
Wordware Publishing - Learn Encryption Tecnique with basic and 27-Dec-2007 17:33 276K

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index of parent directory
Cryptography and Technology.pdf 30-Sep-2004 02:28 8.4M
Firewalls.For.Dummies.Second.Edition.pdf 29-Mar-2004 22:44 7.8M
Wiley,.Cryptography.for.Dummies.(2004).LiB.ShareConnector.chm 17-Jul-2004 01:06 4.0M
Exploring Steganography.pdf 10-Feb-2005 12:37 2.3M
Reversing the Steganography Myth in Terrorist Operations.pdf 16-Feb-2005 09:39 608k
RSA algorithm_CS13.pdf 20-Feb-2005 00:30 282k
Cracking DES Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics, and Chip Design.htm 16-May-2005 09:47 149k
Advanced Encryption Standard.doc 16-May-2005 10:01 123k
explaning encryption.pdf 07-Feb-2005 20:54 97k
An Analysis of Terrorist Groups' Potential.pdf 16-Feb-2005 09:48 87k
Steganalysis Detecting hidden information with computer forensic analysis.pdf 16-Feb-2005 09:35 67k
Cryptography - The myths.pdf 30-Apr-2004 00:43 47k
FIPS 46-2 - (DES), Data Encryption Standard.htm 16-May-2005 09:43 46k
WHY CRYPTOGRAPHY.pdf 24-Feb-2005 11:45 31k
Steganography What's the real risk.pdf 16-Feb-2005 09:40 27k
Cracking DES Encryption - MyCrypto_net.htm 16-May-2005 09:54 16k
Introduction.htm 18-May-2005 16:10 12k
Encryption algorithms.htm 16-May-2005 10:15 11k
lanaki.crypt.class/ 24-Nov-2005 21:21 -
handbookofcrypto/ 23-Nov-2005 16:22 -
Introduction_files/ 23-Nov-2005 16:22 -
FIPS 46-2 - (DES), Data Encryption Standard_files/ 23-Nov-2005 16:22 -
Encryption algorithms_files/ 23-Nov-2005 16:22 -
Cracking DES Secrets of Encryption Research, Wiretap Politics, and Chip Design_files/ 23-Nov-2005 16:22 -
Cracking DES Encryption - MyCrypto_net_files/ 23-Nov-2005 16:22 -

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Handbook of Applied Cryptography

Chapter 1 - Overview of Cryptography (48 pages)
Chapter 2 - Mathematics Background (38 pages)
Chapter 3 - Number-Theoretic Reference Problems (46 pages)
Chapter 4 - Public-Key Parameters (36 pages)
Chapter 5 - Pseudorandom Bits and Sequences (22 pages)
Chapter 6 - Stream Ciphers (32 pages)
Chapter 7 - Block Ciphers (60 pages)
Chapter 8 - Public-Key Encryption (36 pages)
Chapter 9 - Hash Functions and Data Integrity (61 pages)
Chapter 10 - Identification and Entity Authentication (40 pages)
Chapter 11 - Digital Signatures (64 pages)
Chapter 12 - Key Establishment Protocols (53 pages)
Chapter 13 - Key Management Techniques (48 pages)
Chapter 14 - Efficient Implementation (44 pages)
Chapter 15 - Patents and Standards (27 pages)
Appendix - Bibliography of Papers from Selected Cryptographic Forums (40 pages)
Index (26 pages)

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index of parent directory
Encryption-Tutorial.tgz 28-Aug-2003 00:00 2.3M
GB_Lecture Notes on 28-Aug-2003 00:00 2.6M
Menezes_Handbook of Applied 28-Aug-2003 00:00 5.3M
cryptography-theory-and-practice.tgz 28-Aug-2003 00:00 14M
cryptography.tgz 28-Aug-2003 00:00 3.1M
cryptologia-history.tgz 28-Aug-2003 00:00 12M
the-twofish-encryption-algorithm.tgz 28-Aug-2003 00:00 589K

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